Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Les portes du Mercantour 2013

A couple of photos from the Portes du Mercantour race. This race was exhausting with some huge climbs (one taking about 3h20) on saturday, followed by a pursuit race on Sunday which began with a 2 hour cycle +waiting around in the cold rain on top of a mountain while wondering whether the race was going to be cancelled or not.

I got lucky in that I was starting with a pretty fast guy in my group so I just followed him and ended up placing well (32nd out of almost 400!). Delighted with the result. Such an epic race physically, mentally and technically, it really was almost too good: regular spins and races just seem dull compared to it!

Awesome racing up front as the #15 in the world Nicolai chased down the #3 Barel despite being 18s behind on the last stage, and overtook him on a climb!

End of the 3h+ climb

Nearly there!

Stage 2

Start of stage 2


#1 this weekend!

Elbows out!

Seb dropping in

Antho hopping out

Nicolai in the chainless stage