Sunday, October 30, 2011

Epic saturday: L'Escarne/Coaraze

So a race blog is a great idea when there are races on... In winter though, not so much.

Anyway, just to keep in the habit of updating this thing, im throwing up a few pictures of the epic (32km, 1670m vertical) spin I was on the other day. Big thanks to Chris for his perfect guiding (this time :D!) and Jean.

Not enough pictures to tell the full story, but some nice shots of the biggest climb and one of the descent which was oh so worth it!

Two Frenchmen in the middle of nowhere, but where are they going?
To the Col de St Michel of course, you can see the trail in the top right corner. A push up for the Irish, but a pedal for the French...

Good view of where we came from, in fact we cycled up or down nearly every mountain in this picture, bar the ones in the distance of course!
The view from the other side of the mountain, with the first snow of the winter in the distance.
The best part of the day! Half way down the descent to the village of Coaraze, which leads directly into a second descent down the left flank of the village. By the way it's not perspective, Chris really is a giant.

The view from further down, Coaraze dead center, the descent goes from the top of the picture to the bottom, amazing spin, amazing day. 

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