Monday, April 2, 2012

Sospel: spectator mode

So after looking forward to this race for the last month, my bike decided to let me down 2 days before the event: split one of the main pivot bolts into two pieces, just a month after replacing it already. Tried to salvage the weekend, and actually raced the first stage of 4, but the bike felt way too flexy at the end of the run. I couldn't risk breaking another frame so soon after buying it, so I packed things in and took some pictures!

- Got to see Sospel
- Got to see Nicolas Vouilloz ride and take the win
- Figured out I can take sequences on my phone... Sometimes you have to count all the little victories...

- I'm starting to hate mountain bikes. Why do they break every single time you use them?

O. Giordanengo

F. Nicolai

L. Solliet shows off his perfect technique!

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