Sunday, October 21, 2012

Enduro des Merveilles

Loic Bruni, junior world champ, tearing through SS3!

Enduro up in Tende with the team and friends. Great laugh, 3 long stages, quite technical but mostly just high speed fun. A small bit of trouble with directions for me as I got lost. Good news, I wasnt the only one! Ended up 55th on the day, nothing too amazing, but well happy nonetheless.

Start of the final descent.

Top guys chatting. Nicolai, Bruni, Vergier and Cure, not sure any of them is even 20 years old yet they are pretty much household names in France.

Track checker.

Florian Nicolai

Laurent Sollier

Alex Cure

Loic Bruni

Regular line, not the fastest...
A bit of an outside line there! He is about 2m off the track. 

Amaury, all style!

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