Sunday, April 20, 2014

Le loup du bois noirs

A sunny start to the day up on the Col de Brouis overlooking the sea by Menton, right on the italian border

From the start of the race you could see all the tracks used in the last race two weeks ago for Sospel, which is hidden in the valley in the centre of this picture. Two weeks ago we started on the prairie in the bottom right and then climbed the mountain in the center of the picture!
This time we were heading north away from the sea, down to the tiny village of Breil sur Roya.

Nothing but descending!
The trick was simply to bomb down the straights...

And hope to make it around the tight steep corners without sliding out!

Xav Marovelli smashing his way down the course

Seb with a more controlled approach

Chevelu reminding us that colour coordination is the most important aspect of racing
The race was good fun overall, not sure a 29er was the best weapon for a swithback fest, but my average result can be clearly traced to a fairly major aerial off piste excursion in my second run as I pushed a little bit too hard on the dusty tracks!

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