Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Spring Season round 1: Oppidum Bike

So I somehow managed to sign up for a race for nearly every single weekend of April and May. Luckily I'm about as fit as I've ever been and feeling quite fast! So might as well resurrect the old blog.

First race in a long string of races: the Oppidum Bike which took place about an hour down the motorway towards St Tropez (ish). Headed out with Seb who continues to be fast despite apparently never training, and after some dodgy organisation even managed to get a race plate in the same wave as him, so we would be racing each other directly!

The race itself was very physical with an exceptional amount of sprinting required, but tons of fun overall as the tracks were freshly groomed! There were 4 stages, I came out on top of the group of 3 in the first one by quite a large margin as Seb crashed. This first stage was pretty much a 10 minute sprint session with steep as hell climbs that many people had to push up rather than stay on the bike. The second stage was more fun and I was leading again until the last 4-5 corners when I crashed out losing a good 10s in the process. We then rode pretty much the same pace in the next 2 stages which were a bit less physical, and even more fun!

My name doesnt appear in the results as I effectively took someone else's race plate due to some misorganisation. So I'm down as Bruno Petra in 38th place, a good step up from 58th last year, but there are still some fast guys in front (and far in front at that!). Winner of the day was Aure Giordanengo who is switching from DH to enduro and surely aiming pretty high at the world series level! On the seniors podium was this Killian Bron guy, if you havnt seen his videos, definitely check this out: link


Top photograph from http://sebastiendemonchauxphotographie.weebly.com/blog.html#PhotoSwipe1396381107056

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